The InformationWeek Conference Begins Monday! 

Co-located with Interop

May 2 - 3, 2016 | Four Seasons, Las Vegas

2016 Agenda

Monday, May 2, 2016

12:00 - 12:15 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks

12:15 - 1:00 pm

How to Sustain IT Innovation: Best Practices from the Best

Panelists: Jim Rinaldi, CIO, Jet Propulsion Lab (#3 Company in the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100); Ger Purcell, Sr. Vice President of Global Information Solutions, Avnet (#5 in 2015); Ken Spangler, SVP & CIO, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight (#6 in 2015); Mike Restuccia, VP & CIO, University of Pennsylvania Health Systems (#9 in 2015); and Jeff Hamilton, SVP, Business Technology, Pfizer (#10 in 2015). 

It’s one thing to be able to achieve innovation, and yet another to sustain it. Five CIOs from last year’s top companies in the InformationWeek Elite 100 will explain what the past year has been like for their companies, how they’re maintaining their approaches to innovation, and how companies can build on IT victories to continue achieving business success.

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Lunch with Power Hour

The InformationWeek Power Hour is an opportunity for conference attendees to share their challenges and best practices on a variety of technology issues, including analytics, security, networking, DevOps, and mobile computing. On the second day of the conference, each table will report the results of their conversations to the rest of the attendees so everyone shares in the dialogue.

2:30 - 3:15 pm

Keynote - How to Futureproof the Enterprise: A Roadmap to the New IT Frontier

Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford University, and author of "Futureproof: Surviving the Six New Rules of Technology that Will Govern Our Lives"

What will the workforce of the future look like? What technologies, heretofore unimagined, will impact our productivity, competitiveness, and financial success? Noted business technology futurist and Stanford professor Vivek Wadhwa explains that IT executives can no longer plan and manage at the pace to which they’ve grown accustomed. It’s time to rethink “innovation” and technology investments. And, he says, the journey is not as difficult as you think it’ll be.

3:15 - 3:30 pm

Networking Break

3:30 - 4:00 pm

The Big Reveal: The 2016 InformationWeek Elite 100 and Discussion of Research

4:00 - 4:30 pm

How to Build a World-Class IT Enterprise

Featuring the CIO of the No. 1 Elite 100 Company

The CIO of the top company in the 2016 InformationWeek Elite 100 will be on hand to outline their path to the pinnacle of IT innovation and address such topics as:

  • How the company has integrated world-class technologies and improved productivity by “doing more with best
  • Best practices that all companies can adopt to ensure they’re getting the most out of their IT, people, and processes
  • Competitive advantages that helped the company develop a world-class IT enterprise

4:30 - 5:15 pm

Technology at Warp Speed: Why Faster Development Cycles are the New Normal

Panelists: David Guzman, CIO, H. D. Smith; Vivek Shaiva, EVP & CIO, La Quinta Inns; Angela Tucci, GM Agile Management, CA Technologies

With the demands of business units and customers for quicker technology turnarounds and the success of development concepts like DevOps and Agile, companies must learn how to produce safe, high-quality products that can be updated at a moment’s notice. Our panel of experts discuss how they’ve organized their technology processes to help meet this soaring demand, and how they can assure both customers and internal auditors that the products also abide by security protocols.

5:15 - 6:15 pm

Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

7:30 - 9:00 AM

Women in IT Networking Breakfast

We are our own best network! Join Susan Nunziata, InformationWeek Editorial Director, for a roundtable breakfast discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing women in IT. We’ll share important data points about where women stand in the industry today, talk about the progress being made, what pain points remain, and provide tips to help you advance your IT career. 

9:00 - 9:15 am

Welcome Back

9:15 - 10:00 am

Morning Keynote Panel - Moore’s Law on Steroids: How Hyper-Innovation Will Change the Face of IT

Stefanie Botelho, CEO, Fitzroy Toys; Katherine Robertson, EVP, Mobile Comply; Adam Coates, Director, Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab 

Many in the R&D community believe that Moore’s Law is about to get a shot of steroids and that technology advancements will begin to happen more rapidly than conventional wisdom has allowed. Perhaps not in the next year or two, but on the short horizon, advancements in things like analytics, software design cycles, machine learning, artificial intelligence, network speed, and processor design will bring about changes many of us can’t comprehend. How will you – or your successor – deal with these lightning-paced changes? Our panel of experts discuss their experiences with and contributions to fast-paced technology changes and the impact on the enterprise.

10:00 – 10:30 am

World-Class IT Analytics

Jim Bander, National Manager, Decision Science, and David Eddy, Divisional Information Officer for Corporate Services, Toyota Financial Services 

Toyota Financial Services’ Divisional Information Officer and an analytics expert discuss how they partner together to deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics to fulfill one of the company’s key missions:  profitably enabling customer mobility. When Toyota Financial Services created it Collections Treatment Optimization project, they advanced beyond a traditional approach to collections that underperformed during the recent downturn by combining predictive analytics, data collection, and warehousing. The solution integrates decision management, reporting, and advanced analytics to provide a data-driven, scientific, and customer-centric approach. 

They will discuss:

  • IT strategies that enable analytics worth millions of dollars to the bottom line
  • Collaboratively using analytics to enable continuous improvement while respecting people
  • How Toyota Financial Services uses analytics to help 10,000 customers per year resolve delinquencies without affecting their credit, and to enable 1,700 customers to avoid repossession


10:30 - 10:45 am

Networking Break

10:45 - 11:15 am

World-Class IT Security

Karl J. West, CISO, Intermountain Healthcare

Effective cybersecurity is obviously extremely important, but in healthcare it’s critical. Karl West, CISO of Intermountain Healthcare will discuss the intricacies of healthcare cybersecurity and outline ways for all organizations to integrate security into the very culture of the business by engaging employees at every level—from C-suite to entry-level workers—in security processes. He’ll also provide ideas and insights about security sharing and the importance of collaboration between organizations, policy makers, and business partners when it comes to ever-evolving security needs. Also:

  • Details about the company’s move to a JSOC
  • Unique ways Intermountain Healthcare has reduced risk without having to make huge investments in technologies
  • How the company advanced its security by focusing on new processes as well as technology

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

From Data to Insights: How to Kickstart a Digital Marketing Strategy

Kim Felix, Vice President of Transportation Technologies, UPS; Chris Huff, Vice President of Consumer Application Development, The Weather Company; Brian Hoover, Business Analytics Specialist, Splunk

If there is one business discipline these days that demands collaboration between the CIO and the business unit, it’s marketing. And specifically, how a company turns machine data into actionable insights that can be the foundation of a digital marketing campaign. Leaders in digital marketing technology demonstrate how IT and marketing are revising their roles and rethinking the way technology and marketing co-exist.


12:00 - 1:30 pm

Lunch with Power Hour

The InformationWeek Power Hour is an opportunity for conference attendees to share their challenges and best practices on a variety of technology issues, including analytics, security, networking, DevOps, and mobile computing. On the second day of the conference, each table will report the results of their conversations to the rest of the attendees so everyone shares in the dialogue.

1:30 - 2:00 pm

Recap of Power Hour

2:00 - 2:30 pm

World-Class Cloud Strategies

Darrell Riekena, CIO/COO, National DCP 

How do you get from an outdated, legacy enterprise to one that completely tranforms your business in just 10 months? Darrell Riekena, CIO/COO for National DCP, will share how the company’s Project Freshstart, a unique deployment of cloud technology that went live in an unprecedented 10 month timeframe, allows the seamless integration of operations to source product through a cloud solution for direct material, making it available for customers through an open-source portal platform that transacts orders, inventory, and financials through a solution managed on a private cloud. Riekena will share how NDCP engages with customers using a co-tenant, cloud-for-customer call center solution. Also:

  • Ways the company has widened its strategic advantage against the competition by overhauling outdated IT delivery practices
  • How they increased customer service, drove supply chain efficiencies, and lowered sustainable costs
  • Unique deployment of cloud technology that promotes next-level collaboration

2:30 - 3:15 pm

World-Class Mobile Innovation

Matt Schlabig, CIO, and Dan Pachko, Enterprise Architect, Worthington Industries

Innovation doesn’t always have to involve bleeding-edge technologies. It can come from finding new processes for deploying and implementing existing technologies in industries not generally associated with innovation. Worthington Industries, one of the leading companies in the InformationWeek Elite 100, found a way to deploy mobile solutions to dramatically improve its shipping and inventory processes in a quick and cost-efficient fashion so employees can perform more value added work. They’ve built a modern mobile platform that can be rapidly adapted to transform business process. Their technology wins are an object lesson in how to look beyond conventional practice in an established industry. They’ll also discuss: 


  • Challenges they’ve overcome in managing and integrating data in their modern mobile platform
  • Methods for creating new value from data sharing and collaboration
  • Perspectives on improving workforce performance and customer experience with mobile apps

3:15 - 3:30 pm

Networking Break

3:30 - 4:00 pm

The New Techinomics of the Entertainment Industry

Ginny Davis, CIO, Technicolor SA

The entire media and entertainment industry is experiencing an ongoing series of seismic shifts that are redefining who, what and how value is delivered to global audiences in theaters, at home and on the go. New technology-driven trends -- including the rise of over-the-top entertainment delivery, next generation video and sound formats that are bandwidth intensive, and the rise of virtual and augmented realities -- are transforming how established players go-to-market while creating new opportunities for disruptive entrants. This has elevated the need for IT and business units throughout the value-chain to work together intimately. CIO Ginny Davis will share how Technicolor is harnessing collaboration, cloud and security technologies to respond to these market forces, while also exploiting new opportunities to help define what the future of the industry will look like. 

4:00 - 4:45 pm

Closing Keynote - Deep Learning and Our AI Future: The Impact on the Enterprise

Adam Coates, Director, Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab 

Adam Coates, director of the AI Lab at Baidu, the fifth largest Web site on the planet (also known as “China’s Google”), explodes the myths about artificial intelligence, and explains how it is already impacting our world through such areas as speech recognition and how it will dramatically change our lives before we know it. By explaining Baidu’s concept of deep learning and its relationship to AI, Coates discusses how technology innovators need to prepare now for a rapid evolution in machine learning and an impact on all businesses regardless of focus.

6:30 - 9:00 pm

InformationWeek Elite 100 Awards Gala


The 23rd Annual Event for Business Technology Leaders